package widok

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Type Members

  1. case class Array[T]() extends Product with Serializable

    Wrapper around ArrayBuffer Implements same semantics as its JavaScript counterpart.

  2. case class BiChildChannel[T, U](parent: WriteChannel[T], fwd: Observer[T, U], bwd: Observer[U, T]) extends ChildChannel[T, U] with Product with Serializable

    Bi-directional child

  3. case class BiFlatChildChannel[T, U](parent: ReadChannel[T], observer: Observer[T, Channel[U]]) extends ChildChannel[T, U] with Product with Serializable

  4. trait BufSet[T] extends ReadBufSet[T] with WriteBufSet[T] with StateBufSet[T]

  5. trait Buffer[T] extends ReadBuffer[T] with WriteBuffer[T] with StateBuffer[T]

  6. trait Channel[T] extends ReadChannel[T] with WriteChannel[T]

  7. trait ChannelDefaultSize[T] extends AnyRef

  8. trait ChildChannel[T, U] extends Channel[U] with ChannelDefaultSize[U]

  9. trait DeltaBufSet[T] extends Size with Map[DeltaBufSet, T] with Filter[DeltaBufSet, T, T]

  10. trait DeltaBuffer[T] extends Size with Map[DeltaBuffer, T]

  11. trait DeltaDict[A, B] extends Size with Filter[[x]DeltaDict[x, B], A, B] with MapDict[DeltaDict, A, B] with Key[A, B]

  12. trait Dict[A, B] extends ReadDict[A, B] with WriteDict[A, B] with StateDict[A, B]

  13. trait Disposable extends AnyRef

  14. case class FlatChildChannel[T, U](parent: ReadChannel[T], observer: Observer[T, ReadChannel[U]]) extends ChildChannel[T, U] with Product with Serializable

  15. trait Opt[T] extends PartialChannel[T] with widok.reactive.poll.PartialChannel with widok.reactive.mutate.PartialChannel[T]

    Publishes a stream of defined values.

    Publishes a stream of defined values. Use isEmpty() to detect when the current value is cleared.

  16. trait PartialChannel[T] extends StateChannel[T] with ReadPartialChannel[T]

  17. trait PollBufSet[T] extends Count[T] with Empty with widok.reactive.poll.BufSet[T]

  18. trait PollBuffer[T] extends Index[Seq, Int, T] with RelativeOrder[T] with Iterate[T] with Filter[ReadBuffer, T] with Find[T] with Filter[DeltaBuffer, T, T] with RelativeOrder[T] with Aggregate[ReadBuffer, T] with FilterOrdered[ReadBuffer, T] with MapExtended[ReadBuffer, T] with AbsoluteOrder[ReadBuffer, T]

  19. trait PollDict[A, B] extends Key[A, B] with Empty with FilterMap[ReadDict, A, B] with Key[A, B]

  20. trait ReadBufSet[T] extends PollBufSet[T] with DeltaBufSet[T]

  21. trait ReadBuffer[T] extends DeltaBuffer[T] with PollBuffer[T]

  22. trait ReadChannel[T] extends Head[T] with Tail[ReadChannel, T] with Take[ReadChannel, T] with Fold[T] with Is[T] with Aggregate[ReadChannel, T] with Filter[ReadChannel, T, T] with Map[ReadChannel, T] with MapExtended[ReadChannel, T] with Cache[T] with Size with Flush[T] with Disposable

  23. trait ReadDict[A, B] extends PollDict[A, B] with DeltaDict[A, B]

  24. trait ReadPartialChannel[T] extends ReadChannel[T] with ReadStateChannel[T] with Empty with Count[T] with[T]

  25. trait ReadStateChannel[T] extends ReadChannel[T]

  26. sealed class Ref[T] extends AnyRef

    Ref makes references to values explicit.

    Ref makes references to values explicit. In Scala, objects may have different equality semantics. For example, case classes always implement structural equality, but ordinary classes not necessarily. To use different instances of the same value in a hash table, all objects must be wrapped. Ref is a simple solution for this and ensures that physical equality is always performed as hashCode cannot be overridden.

  27. case class RefBuf[T]() extends Buffer[Ref[T]] with Product with Serializable

  28. class Resource[T, U] extends Disposable

  29. trait Result[T] extends AnyRef

  30. trait RootChannel[T] extends Channel[T] with ChannelDefaultSize[T]

  31. trait StateBufSet[T] extends Disposable

  32. trait StateBuffer[T] extends Disposable

  33. trait StateChannel[T] extends Channel[T] with ReadStateChannel[T]

    In Rx terms, a StateChannel can be considered a cold observable.

  34. trait StateDict[A, B] extends Disposable

  35. trait Tree[T] extends AnyRef

  36. case class UniChildChannel[T, U](parent: ReadChannel[T], observer: Observer[T, U], onFlush: Option[() ⇒ Option[U]], doFilterCycles: Boolean = false) extends ChildChannel[T, U] with Product with Serializable

    Uni-directional child

  37. sealed class Var[T] extends StateChannel[T] with ChannelDefaultSize[T]

  38. trait WriteBufSet[T] extends widok.reactive.mutate.BufSet[T]

  39. trait WriteBuffer[T] extends widok.reactive.mutate.Buffer[Seq, T]

  40. trait WriteChannel[T] extends widok.reactive.propagate.Channel[T]

  41. trait WriteDict[A, B] extends widok.reactive.mutate.Dict[A, B]

Value Members

  1. object BufSet

    Reactive set

  2. object Buffer

    A buffer is a reactive ordered list of elements

  3. object Channel

  4. object DeltaBufSet

  5. object DeltaBuffer

  6. object DeltaDict

  7. object Dict

    A dictionary is a reactive ordered map A => B

  8. implicit def FunctionToWriteChannel[T](f: (T) ⇒ Unit): WriteChannel[T]

  9. object Helpers

  10. object LazyVar

  11. object Opt

  12. object PtrVar

    Every produced value on the channel change indicates that the underlying variable was modified and the current value can be retrieved via get.

    Every produced value on the channel change indicates that the underlying variable was modified and the current value can be retrieved via get. If a value v is produced on the resulting channel instead, then set(v) is called.

  13. object Ref

  14. object Resource

  15. object Result

  16. object Tree

  17. object Var

  18. package reactive

  19. package validation

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