package Bootstrap

Native widgets for Bootstrap 3 components

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Type Members

  1. case class Alert(contents: View*) extends Widget[Alert] with Product with Serializable

  2. case class AnchorButton(contents: View*) extends ButtonBase[AnchorButton] with AnchorBase[AnchorButton] with Product with Serializable

  3. case class Breadcrumb(contents: Item*) extends List[Breadcrumb] with Product with Serializable

  4. case class Button(contents: View*) extends ButtonBase[Button] with Product with Serializable

  5. trait ButtonBase[T] extends Widget[T]

  6. case class FormGroup(contents: View*) extends Widget[FormGroup] with Product with Serializable

  7. trait Glyphicon extends Widget[Glyphicon]

  8. case class Image(source: String) extends Widget[Image] with Product with Serializable

  9. trait Input[T] extends Widget[T]

  10. case class InputGroup(contents: View*) extends Widget[InputGroup] with Product with Serializable

  11. case class Item(contents: View*) extends Widget.List.Item[Item] with Product with Serializable

  12. case class Label(contents: View*) extends Widget[Label] with Product with Serializable

  13. case class ListGroup(contents: Widget.List.Item[_]*) extends List[ListGroup] with Product with Serializable

  14. case class Media(contents: View*) extends Widget[Media] with Product with Serializable

  15. case class Modal(contents: View*) extends Widget[Modal] with Product with Serializable

  16. case class ModalBuilder(contents: ContentElement*) extends Widget[ModalBuilder] with Disposable with Product with Serializable

  17. case class NavigationBar(contents: View*) extends Widget[NavigationBar] with Product with Serializable

  18. case class Pagination(contents: Pagination.Item*) extends List[Pagination] with Product with Serializable

  19. case class Panel(contents: View*) extends Widget[Panel] with Product with Serializable

  20. case class ProgressBar(contents: View*) extends Widget[ProgressBar] with Product with Serializable

  21. sealed trait Role extends AnyRef

  22. sealed trait Shape extends AnyRef

  23. sealed trait Size extends AnyRef

  24. sealed trait Style extends AnyRef

  25. case class Table(contents: View*) extends Widget[Table] with Product with Serializable

  26. sealed trait TextStyle extends AnyRef

  27. case class Typeahead[A](input: Text, options: (String) ⇒ Buffer[(A, String)], select: (A) ⇒ Unit) extends Widget[Typeahead[A]] with Product with Serializable

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  28. implicit class ValidateWidget[T] extends AnyRef

  29. case class Validation[T](ch: ReadChannel[T], f: (T) ⇒ Option[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  30. case class Validator(validations: Validation[_]*) extends Product with Serializable

  31. implicit class WidgetWithStyle[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Button extends Serializable

  2. object Checkbox

  3. def Container(contents: View*): Generic

  4. def ControlLabel(contents: View*): HTML.Label

  5. def Fix(contents: View*): Generic

  6. def Footer(contents: View*): Generic

  7. object Glyphicon

  8. object Grid

  9. def HorizontalForm(contents: View*): Form

  10. object Input

  11. object InputGroup extends Serializable

  12. def Lead(contents: View*): Generic

  13. object ListGroup extends Serializable

  14. object Media extends Serializable

  15. object Modal extends Serializable

  16. object Navigation

  17. object NavigationBar extends Serializable

  18. def PageHeader(contents: View*): Generic

  19. object Pagination extends Serializable

  20. object Panel extends Serializable

  21. def PullRight(contents: View*): HTML.Container.Inline

  22. object Radio

  23. object Role

  24. object Shape

  25. object Size

  26. object Style

  27. object Table extends Serializable

  28. object TextStyle

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